Work with us

We are United Oceans. We develop and produce everything imaginable in terms of clothing and merchandise.

Our working Method

Our motto is:

1. If it exists, we’ll supply it.
2. If you can think it up, we can produce it.
3. If you can’t think it up, we’ll think it up for you.
4. So that you say: “Can’t believe it exists!” Afterwards, see point 1.

We often propose a theme to clients. You will then receive a top five or top ten within a given theme. Request a proposal.

Who We Are

United Oceans was founded in 1990 by Ditmar van den Bovenkamp with the view to becoming the best business in the field of business-to-business clothing. United Oceans quickly attracted a few multinationals who wanted us to produce their entire buying range of promotional products. This led us to set up production sites in Poland, Portugal, Turkey, Taiwan, China, and Indonesia.

Quality assurance checks and audits were carried out by SGS and AsiaInspection: SGS en AsiaInspection.