Inspire me

We see a lot and visit exhibitions and factories across the globe. We travel everywhere. We are used to clients asking us a whole range of questions. We are eager to inspire and share what we have seen. We look to share good and original ideas.

The best way to be inspired by us is to ask for a top five or top ten of proposals on a given theme. Just sit back and be amazed! Contact us for a top five on your theme. Inspire me.

We can also inspire you with an Inspiration Box. This is a useful plastic box with brochures. There are four themes:

• Inspiration Box with Clothing and Hats
• Inspiration Box with Gifts and Gadgets
• Inspiration Box with Eco Gifts and Eco Clothing (organic, recycled, and sustainable).
• Inspiration for Hospitality and Catering

Ask for an Inspiration Box if you regularly order gifts or clothing Order for free.